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cheap nba Jerseys china Trudeau said the National Research Council of Canada will work with the manufacturers of the potential vaccine so that it would be able to be manufactured domestically should the trials be successful.”If these vaccine trials are successful we could produce and distribute it here at home,” Trudeau said during his daily press briefing outside his home in Ottawa. The vaccine trial announced Saturday, however, marks the first approved Canadian endeavour at finding a vaccine for the disease.The Italian made test, the DiaSorin LIAISON, was approved by Health Canada on Tuesday and will be used in Canadian labs to determine if a blood sample contains COVID 19 antibodies evidence that an individual was exposed to the virus and recovered.The federal government has made a billion dollar investment in medical research to fight COVID 19, including $23 million to support pre clinical testing and clinical trials of a potential vaccine in Canada and $29 million for the production of vaccines.Experts say this puts Canada in a good position to manufacture a vaccine domestically, if and when one is approved, as countries around the globe race to develop their own solution to the pandemic.Yet while the approval of a clinical trial is a step forward, much still needs to be done before a vaccine is available.”Research and development take time, and must be done right, but this is encouraging news,” Trudeau said Saturday.Vaccines are classified as biologic drugs under the Canadian Food and Drugs Act. According to Health Canada, biologic drugs differ from chemical drugs because they come from living organisms, which means they have more variables than chemical drugs.”Biologic drugs require more regulatory oversight than chemical drugs,” reads the Health Canada website.Clinical trials generally consist of three phases of studies in people before a vaccine is approved for general use cheap nba Jerseys china.

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