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what would happen if you press the Home button the Switch in the middle of the game

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If DS Remastered is the same way, then it probably will run in the background. However Canada Goose Parka the point of Switch canada goose coats on sale was to have it on the go and play where you want. This also means you need the freedom/option to also pause/put in sleep mode and be able to come back any time as well.

I imagine it be the same on the Switch, assuming the Switch allows games to play in the background canada goose factory sale while you in the home menu. It should be no different than alt+tabbing on PC.

EDIT: Most of these comments are talking about Canada Goose Coats On Sale what happens if you were to press to Power button or put the system in Standby Mode. yet OP asked what happens when canada goose coats you press the Home button. When you create a new character, the game internally creates a new save slot https://www.gestiontb.ca to which that character is permanently locked. The game continually, internally, silently overwrites that single save slot in the background as you play that character.

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