Even experts experience difficulty when comparing

She said yes. The couple shared the happy news on Instagram, with each posting a pic of Sophie’s gorgeous engagement ring, with the actress writing, “I said yes” and Joe captioning his pic, “She said yes”. Sophie and Joe have already began expanding their family, adopting a Siberian Huskypuppy named Porky Basquiat together in September..

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“With pre school children, set them up with toys and leave the room,” says O’Malley. “It’s no harm teaching them the concept of ‘Mammy’s busy’. Go to them and relay, ‘I hear you, but you don’t have me yet’. Meanwhile, artists that have been continuing performances are being criticised for playing huge arena shows, including Post Malone, Lewis Capaldi and Stereophonics. Given that the latest news has major US cities like New York and Los Angeles closing down all public venues, you can probably expect most big gigs not to be going ahead in the near future. And with the UK also set to ban mass gatherings, that news will likely be the same over here too..

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In the first set, the Wolves used a 7 0 run to open up an 8 3 lead on three aces from Boulton and two kills from Kedsch. Jeffers fought back and tied it at 11 11, but with Poupore serving, C N notched eight straight points to take a 20 12 advantage. The run was highlighted by a kill from Boulton, who had her first attempt dug up by the Jets, but then hammered down her second opportunity..

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