We we canada goose kensington parka uk proud of ourselves and

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Worth noting that Arena isn’t great competition. Like 50% of users are on tier 1 decks. Some are also not complete or don’t seem to sideboard.

canada goose store So running blue tempo on competitive I think I’m 65% win rate. In PTs I think that deck is 40%. Running drakes I’m 70%. Both of these are over pretty large sample sizes. canada goose store

Most any T1 deck with a canada goose outlet locations in toronto complete sideboard should be around 70% on competitive I think which makes things seem a lot better than they are.

canada goose uk black friday I do admit it’s very https://www.elcortezlv.com fun running into super janky decks, even if I lose, but it gives a bit of a false sense of how good decks are. If you want to do some play testing on arena I’m not quite done golgari but I can play you with Izzet and utempo. Hit me up with your in pm if you want. canada goose uk black friday

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My dad called me one day and said that he had received my check from my grandad inheritance from when he died 6 years earlier. I did not trust him to mail it so I drove, myself, my husband, and my then infant son from Central Missouri to Iowa City, in a terrible blizzard, we took the back roads (because that was pretty much all we had that wasn closed) and despite the snow, ice, narrow country roads and our car overheating the entire way, we managed to “keep between the ditches.” Not getting stuck once. We narrowly escaped canada goose outlet being wrecked in a semi truck Jack knifing, and made it to my parents farm house at 6am. We we canada goose kensington parka uk proud of ourselves and so relieved to be there.

My dad says he is going to get us a hotel room with his own proceeds, and asks me to back out of the drive way so he can get his gnarly old truck out of the snow.

canada goose coats I back out and ever so slightly get stuck, my dad, being a dad has to come to the rescue immediately to tell me how to get unstuck. Unfortunately, being the absent minded “genius” that he is, forgot to take his truck out of reverse. canada goose coats

After those hundreds of miles of careful driving I watched as my dad Dodge Ram Charger barreled backwards into canada goose coats uk me with absolutely nothing I could do. Then looked towards my dad and gave me a sheepish face and said “I think your car is okay.” And then a spew buy canada goose uk of steam as the radiator opened up.

uk canada goose We bought a new to us car and paid off our debt with that inheritance. Thank you so much grandad, and thanks a lot dad. uk canada goose

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I tempted. The Jets have scored 10 or less in their last 3. 2 of those teams were common opponents who we also played recently (Bears, Bills). The Jets lost those two games by a combined 45 points, we won those games by a total of 26 points. In those common games that leads to a net differential of 35.5 per game!

On top of that McCown isn a guy who runs with the ball which is something I find we struggle with a bit so I like that aspect of the match up.

The jets are weak at tight end, Chung should be fine in single coverage on them, and they don have a secondary tight end who can exploit one of our giant/slow linebackers in coverage.

cheap canada goose uk Crowell isn a great multi purpose guy, he is more of a traditional running back and I think where we have really struggled is against guys who can contribute in the passing game from the backfield. cheap canada goose uk

I think we match up quite well against the jets on defense. On offense they okay and I could see them keeping us in the 24 28 range but I don think they will score more than 17!

Canada Goose Outlet It a division that is likely going to be won by an 8 8 team and although the redskins have the easiest remaining schedule they be turning to an unknown at QB. I also think it worth noting that Tom Brady took awhile to look like himself canada goose outlet black friday after the knee injury, it quite possible that Wentz will improve a little next year (he has been okay this year). Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Parka A big thing is Lane Johnson has been canada goose factory outlet toronto location really good when healthy this year so meh, he a good canada goose clothing uk player, a moron but I take him on our team if he gets bored of losing 😛 Canada Goose Parka

I bringing in the Niv Mizzet/Dive Down package, Disdainful Stroke, Ral, and 1 Mirari Conjecture. I never taking out Arclight Phoenix or Crackling Drake. This means that our deck is filled to the brim with threats, and from there we just have to deploy them in a smart order to run our opponent out of countermagic/removal, which they absolutely will when our threat density is so high.

canada goose clearance sale Hardcasting Phoenix happens a lot. They either counter it (which feels amazing for us,) spend a piece of enchantment canada goose outlet michigan based removal that would otherwise answer Conjecture or Niv, or just let it resolve and take 3 to the face forever. canada goose clearance sale

Unless you have a way too good opportunity, I try to save the Dive Down for when we can cast Niv and hold it up.

canada goose uk shop Ideally, they be spending their turns answering our threats, and even if they cast a Teferi we generally don care. Sticking a Niv on their end can be a headache, but we usually can kill it while only netting them one card (zero with Ral!) canada goose uk shop

As a general rule of thumb, I try to sequence my threats canada goose outlet website legit from least to most impactful, increasing our chances of sticking the good ones at the back end.

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