Traveling in China on its holidays can be a nightmare

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These are hard men that bar the way.In the second dream, I am in the house in the blue room where I was born. Doors and windows all locked, and even the space under the door, where motes of dust used to sidle, is sealed with some sort of wadding. The furniture is as it was a double wardrobe of walnut with matching dressing table and washstand.

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Another department of Fan Fiction is the yearly Strange New Worlds Contest sponsored by Paramount and Simon Schuster, calling out Star Trek related fiction based on any of the five TV series, the hundreds of novels, or the movies. They look for quirky connections among and between characters and for stories that pick up on hints of continuing interactions or impact upon the future of events already in the Star Trek TV/movie canon and the novels. Unfortunately, after 2007, there will be no more volumes in the series, because fans produced too many stories.

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At the beginning, there were more nerves then excitement as myself and my boyfriend made our way towards this imposing, Oasis class ship. Allure stands 236ft above the waterline and carries up to 6,300 passengers and 2,300 crew. A storm over JFK airport had made our journey to this point hellish and so, sleep deprived, dizzy and blinded by the intense Florida sun, we painstakingly made our way through the security checks.

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