They get exhausted thinking about COVID 19 because

That time, (New York) had no end in sight. They knew no help was coming; there was nobody to back them up and I just couldn imagine, she said. Makes me tearful when I speak about it out loud because I felt like there was no help coming for them right now and they knew that, and yet the patients are still coming.

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The surge in forbearances could also hurt the housing market, creating cash flow and liquidity issues for major lenders. Black Knight says that forbearance requests are declining, and could peak at around 4.5 million mortgages this summer. But Black Knight also says as many as 8 million mortgages could go into forbearance if the coronavirus pandemic continues.

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The paper reported the study was conducted over the Easter weekend from April 11 to 13, alleging the results have been known about inside the Department of and Social Care (DHSC) since at least the end of last month, but were only circulated to care home providers, councils and local directors of public health last week. More than 22,000 care home residents are estimated to have died in England and Wales, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitting there had been “an appalling epidemic in care homes”. Coronavirus outbreaks have been reported in almost four in 10 care homes in England, according to Number 10, as the UK death toll passed 41,500 on Monday.Doubts over Oxford vaccine as it fails to stop coronavirus in animal trialsThe Oxford University vaccine tipped as a “front runner” in the race to develop a coronavirus jab does not stop the virus in monkeys and may only be partially effective, experts have warned.

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