The NBA has seen many records being made and broken

Those who want to take their chances and postpone even though there’s no date when this pandemic will end can choose to receive a credit for a future cruise. Just remember: If you choose a credit, you have forfeited your refund. Cruise companies want you to stick with them, and are offering extra perks and credits to keep you on board..

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Why do employees consider it a great place to work and why does it matter?”You know when you get bad service at a restaurant, it usually feels like no one there likes their job? Or when you walk into some dealerships, you can cut the tension with a knife? It’s always positive here, very upbeat and full of good energy. Customers sense it. It makes them comfortable because it feels like a better place to buy a car.

This is not to suggest that employment security should be the sole or even principal reason that one attends college. It is an important consideration, though, and one that parents and students can ill afford to discount entirely. Nor am I claiming that all college graduates are destined to become thought leaders in their chosen field..

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