The Gulf has been locked into an embrace with the US for years

Colin’s accolades, among others, include Winner of the 2013 Human Rights Photography Competition in connection with the Human Rights Watch Film Festival/London UK. This leads me to another aspect of the Interlove Project Interfaith Couples Photo Series, Captures The Beauty and Challenges of True Love the documentary photography series. He told me, “everyone loves a good love story but for those in interfaith relationships, partnership can come with some barriers.” This photo series captures portraits that reflect how true love comes in all forms, complemented by stories of how couples met and accepted each others’ religious beliefs to live in harmony..

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cheap moncler coats A significant part of the strategic partnership between India and the UAE is a function of both sides looking for diversified relationships. The Gulf has been locked into an embrace with the US for years, depending on it for security, while Bhutto and then Zia ul Haq wooed the Arab sheikhs with the promise of bustard hunting as well as defence training. Al Tunaiji, the former UAE naval chief, like scores of his fellow compatriots, was trained in the Pakistani naval academy.. cheap moncler coats

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