The bill looks to raise 29 billion PHP (571 million

As I got out on hikes and climbs, I was always struck by the beauty around me, but I also noticed a striking lack of people of color. As I participated more in outdoor culture, I could better see the barriers that exclude people from those communities.Outdoor culture in many brown communities has effectively been labeled a “white people thing.” This perception is particularly tough to shake when a well intentioned person makes a casual comment about not seeing many people of color on the trails.Living in a predominantly white town like Portland makes me wonder how many other people feel excluded from what people perceive to be great about the Northwest. As I embrace my identity as a Latina who loves nature, I still often feel culturally separate from the outdoor community.My goal is to give people of color and all youths access to the outdoors.

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Cheap Jerseys from china Hanoi (VNA) A bill has been introduced in the Philippines parliament, aiming at taxing big tech firms such as Facebook, Google and Youtube, Netflix and Spotify, to raise funds for the COVID 19 fight. The bill looks to raise 29 billion PHP (571 million USD) by imposing a value added tax on digital services provided in the Philippines, a key growth area for e commerce transactions as its people are among the world’s heaviest users of social media. He said starting next year, funds raised from new taxes would also be used to finance digital programmes such as a national broadband project and digital learning to fill the education gap caused by school closures. Cheap Jerseys from china

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