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With fashion industry hit harshly by the pandemic, everyone speculating the Covid 19 aftermath. Will fashion embrace austere minimalism or succumb to emotional exuberance? The aftermath of the Spanish flu (1918 1919) ushered in the roaring which became the metaphor for a decadent and free spirited attitude. After World War II, Christian Dior shook couture out of its slumber by introducing the full skirted New Look in 1947.

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Much like masks, finding any filters these days can be hard. It seems like everyone is looking for them. So it’s very lucky that this big ole pack of carbon filters from Moonli is in stock right now. That’s right, you don’t have to forgo that lovely diamond wedding ring that you’ve had your eyes on for awhile now. You can simply substitute mined diamonds for something more sustainable synthetic diamonds. These lab created beauties are gaining popularity.

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