In recent days, one high ranking CIA analyst has been fired

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Denied all Religious Freedom: The discriminatory Second Amendment resulted in further restrictions on religious freedom with President Zia’s promulgation of the anti Ahmadi laws shortly thereafter in 1984. Known as the Ordinance XX, these laws criminalize the daily lives of Ahmadi Muslims and impose a three year jail term for Ahmadis guilty of ‘posing as Muslims’. Thousands of Ahmadis have been jailed under these opprobrious laws for ‘crimes’ such as praying, saying the salam (Muslim greeting), saying the Kalima (Islamic creed), reading the Quran etc.

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Designer Fake Bags More important, intelligence has continued to generate controversy. In recent days, one high ranking CIA analyst has been fired for leaking classified information, possibly including the use of foreign prisons as sites for CIA interrogation of terror suspects. The fired analyst has denied leaking that information and may have a legal case against the agency.. Designer Fake Bags

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