In 2012, the first year with the current maps, three

This year race alone raised $80,000. What started out as a idea to make a difference from breast cancer survivor Barbara Sciandra has brought the community together. Shown is the annual Gentlemen Dash where hundreds of locals pour into Main Street in Pittston to take in the festivities.

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cheap nfl jerseys This chart shows the share of the seats won by Republicans and share of votes Republican vs. Democrats, excluding votes for third party or independent candidates.There have been fewer close races in recent times.In 2012, the first year with the current maps, three races were decided by fewer than 15 points, but there were no races that close in either 2014 or 2016.The chart below illustrates the share of all races decided by less than a 15 point margin during each redistricting period.New congressional maps are drawn each 10 years. This chart shows the share of races decided by less than 15 percentage points with the use of each set of maps cheap nfl jerseys.

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