Dhoni set the tone of India’s brief

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high quality hermes replica At this point, the galleries will not come to you, so you have to start taking the initiative to knock on doors. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. After all, the worst case scenario is that they will say no. Dhoni set the tone of India’s brief, two pronged counter attack: he took the short balls on the body when necessary and alternatively went eyes, hands and shoulders after anything that fell into what he considers his personal “good areas.” It was a selectively seasoned innings, Dhoni was judicious in hermes replica the leaving, but also did not waste chances best hermes replica to latch on either. He struck sixes that at first glance belonged to the 50 over game rather than the tense Test match situation he found himself trapped in, playing shots of courage and creativity. Tim Bresnan said later it had all been expected. high quality hermes replica

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