D showed great takedown defence

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canada goose store That’s what Andrea Rankin, one of the cast of emerging artists performing the show nightly in Prince’s Island Park she plays Lucianna, one of a pair of identical twins discovered once rehearsals got underway.Those included daily sessions with director Glynis Leyshon, movement sessions with Wendy Gorling, text and voice sessions with Barbara Moulton, and vocal instruction from Jane MacFarlane.And to start it all off every day, there was the Haysam Kadri Boot Camp.”He took us (out) at 8:30 in the morning,” says Rankin, “running up those stairs across the river (near the Calgary Curling Club).”It turns out that sometimes performing Shakespeare requires cardio as much as it does theatrical chops which is OK by Rankin, whose University of Alberta theatre program is widely considered to be one of the top ones in the country.It turns out that every day as a U of A theatre student (the show also features actors from Mount Royal University, the University of Lethbridge, the University of Red Deer and Rosebud) is pretty much theatrical boot camp.”You get acting training,” says Rankin, “mask training, singing, and dance every day. We take stage combat, so we’re national certified to be fight captains.”There’s lots of specialized training,” she says, “and we’re there six days a week, for three years. It’s a lot of time and a lot of focus and we get a lot of feedback.”That training came in handy during the rehearsal of A Comedy of Errors, because director Leyshon turned out to be a highly collaborative boss who welcomed her cast’s input when it came to designing the funny business that drives the 90 minute long performance.”She was very open to all of our ideas,” Rankin says.”She came in with very basic concepts and from there was very open to us suggesting the initial ideas for comedy and then our movement coach Wendy Gorling would choreograph all the (comic) moments because there’s a lot of them.”It’s a bit of a celebration moment, as the newly renamed Shakespeare by the Bow returns for the first time to Prince’s Island Park, following a flood ravaged summer of 2013, when the company temporarily relocated to Mount Royal University.”It reminds us that we truly belong there,” says program director Haysam Kadri canada goose store.

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