Transport and travelThe nationwide restriction on

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cheap jerseys Those that are cocooning are asked to continue to follow the public health advice to stay at home as much as possible and avoid physical contact with other people, except to leave home for exercise or a drive up to 5 kilometres.People are allowed to practice non contact sport or fitness activities in groups of up to four people within 5km of their homes.Retailers that mainly operate outdoor can reopen from tomorrow, meaning that some garden centres and hardware stores will be back in operation.Hardware stores, builders’ merchants and shops that provide hardware products necessary for home and business maintenance, sanitation and farm equipment or supplies and tools essential for gardening, farming or agriculture are also allowed to reopen.So will retailers of office products and services for people working from home. Businesses and retailers providing electrical, IT products and phone sales will reopen, as well as repair and maintenance services for home and businesses.Stores involved in the sale, supply and repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycle repair and related facilities can also reopen.All stores reopening are subject to social distancing, however, and where this is not possible, the retailers are not permitted to reopen.Pharmacists are allowed by law to dispense medicines outside the dates spelled out in prescriptions according to their own professional judgementOpticians and optometrists, as well as outlets providing hearing test services or selling hearing aids and appliances may also reopen.Transport and travelThe nationwide restriction on travel outside of 5km from your home remains in place.Public transport and passenger travel is restricted to those who are buying food or medicine, carers, and people going to medical appointments as well as essential workers.Travel to Ireland offshore islands is permitted only to residents of those islands.Phase 2 June 8Under the roadmap for reopening society and business, June 8 is earmarked for Phase 2 of an easing of restrictions.According to the Government however, “they are just an indication of what might happen if everything goes well with restricting the spread of Covid 19 in Ireland” and certain criteria must first be met before each phase can be rolled out.There is also an ongoing possibility that restrictions could be re imposed.In Phase 2, the 5km travel limit will be increased to 20km from your home. Gatherings of up to four people from separate households will then be able to take place inside and there will be dedicated hours when people cocooning will be able to go into shops cheap jerseys.

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