Tony Munos added a 5 yard scoring run

Despite hiring wholesale jerseys from china a public relations firm to handle a publicity campaign for the referendum, the school board still heard complaints. Residents were not happy about the site away from the center of the 54 square mile township, and had reservations about the school being on wrong side of the tracks literally as the Quick farm was just north of the as yet un gated railroad crossings. Residents were also unsure of what bringing sewers to that part of town would mean for future development.

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Of course, a lot of the credit for everything we did offensively goes to the guys up front. Carson Urban, our left guard, had some nice blocks up front. Tony Munos added a 5 yard scoring run, and also hauled in a 38 yard TD throw from Alkire. A quote like that about a near perfect game is relatively rare from any baseball player. Coming from a rookie who also hit homers in three consecutive games, it’s unheard of. A week ago, he gave up three runs and struck out six batters good enough to earn his first MLB win. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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