This makes the drum pattern a 2 bar loop

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Boys often like to be competitive, but trying to meet a “group goal” or making things a team effort (like “can we work together to beat our class record at this?”) is better than having them compete against each other.oh, and make time for yourself.Brain research suggests 3 5 minute breaks every 20 minutes to maximize learning and if your boys (or girls) are particularly active this is a great time for some movement or a game (Guesstures is a good one for both being engaging/active and getting them to deal with words/literacy).This may or may not be a given/mandatory, but never take away recess and try to maximize their active and/or unstructured play.Beyond that, good teaching is good teaching, so just build relationships, be excited about your curricula and students, and enjoy your year!My class was similar to that last year. Out of 25, I had 8 girls (5th grade). No matter where you put everyone, they gonna talk.

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