They put him on the ground four times

It’s the place for people who care about what people wear to the Academy Awards as well as which movies win Oscars; the spot for those who want to know who’s dating who Canada Goose Outlet and which film was No. 1 at the box office; the blog for readers who need to know which celebrity just got arrested, as well as which one just got cast in the big comic book movie of the moment. It is the Internet hang out for the savviest and (occasionally) snarkiest community of celebrity and pop culture observers a mainstream media website could ever hope to attract..

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canada goose uk shop You may be shuddering or snickering at such lyrics. Yet “Last Kiss” was one of many such teen tragedy songs penned in the 1960s (it was later recorded by Pearl Jam in the ’90s), and part of an intriguing cultural phenomenon known as “death discs.” Ken Jennings and John Roderick dig into the topic in an episode of Omnibus, a twice weekly history podcast. Jennings, who won “Jeopardy!” a record 74 times in a row, and Roderick, an accomplished musician, dissect curious stories from the present and recent past in their podcasts canada goose uk shop.

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