” The Framers of our Constitution understood the Magna Carta to

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best hermes replica handbags In supporting the Court’s pro liberty decision, Chief Justice Roberts referred to the Magna Carta, which, as he points out, “specifically protected agricultural crops from compensated takings.” The Framers of our Constitution understood the Magna Carta to be an affirmation that there is a higher law to which even the government is subject that, in the words of founding father James Otis, the government “cannot make two and two, five.” Simply put, the government cannot act arbitrarily, but must instead act pursuant to a rational principle, consistent with individual rights that precede government, including property rights. Allowing the Raisin Committee to deprive people of the fruits of their labor by administrative fiat would be to acquiesce to a view of government power that the Constitution rejects. The Hornes’ decade long resistance to the petty tyranny of the Raisin Committee has been nothing less than heroic, and the Court fulfilled its duty in vindicating their claims.. best hermes replica handbags

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