The department inaction appears to imply a view that

ON THE south side of Alice Springs, a Thursday afternoon, five adults are gathered around a sedan at the entrance to the showgrounds. A man king hits a woman and she goes down, hard. She is helped up, then carefully lined up and smashed again, in canada goose the face. She so drunk she has no hope of defending the punch. She goes down again.

Sitting on the window ledge of the car, watching, is a child. This is what she thinks is normal: incoherent adults enacting the brutal afternoon rituals of total alcohol dysfunction, as desensitised locals drive by with barely a glance.

Alice Springs is at Australia spiritual heart: the creation point in our landscape, where raw earth blends seamlessly with the cosmic, and even diehard atheists confess to sacred encounters with the almighty red rock. Now that heart is broken.

There deep trauma here. canada goose outlet online uk Some Aborigines blame white settlement and loss of culture; others see income support as the driver of destruction, because it buys alcohol and obliterates self reliance.

A woman brawls with a man in Alice Springs. Picture: Gary Ramage/News Corp Australia

The tragedy for the child canada goose outlet store is that she has already been traumatised, by her parents, for whom acts of ultra violence carry no shame and rarely result in repercussions, other than visits to the buy canada goose jacket ICU.

She has no opportunity to start life clean but is at the vanguard of another broken generation, same as the last. She doesn know it, but she canada goose outlet uk sale is already caught up in a hopeless hunt for answers in which blame will always displace solutions.

Tired and self interested politicians; overworked and numb cops; distraught and confused welfare workers; cries for more money from all directions. The spotlight never tracks on the parents causing the harm, because of a shielding instinct that says they have been injured by history.

The middle of Australia, from Tennant Creek down to Alice, is at canada goose outlet the statistical epicentre of Australian child neglect and abuse. Each attempt to intervene becomes a forced retreat about saving culture, rather than saving kids.

Two men brawl in Alice Springs as a child canada goose outlet new york city watched on from the canada goose outlet nyc vehicle. Picture: Gary Ramage/News Corp Australia

Calabria Family Wines, makers of 2017 Richland chardonnay, recommend it be served with grilled polenta and wild mushrooms. In Alice, where it sells in plastic weapon cheap canada goose uk proof bottles for $8, it served with brain jarring punches and stomps to the head.

The crisis in canada goose outlet in usa Central Australia is decades old, going back to the 1950s when the painter Albert Namatjira was prosecuted for buying alcohol for family and canada goose outlet online friends in the Morris Soak town camp, which led to the murder of a woman by her husband.

The town camps were once stopover places for out of towners that became squalid permanent homes; nowadays, they are crowded as people from remote areas stay canada goose outlet black friday longer, seeking services canada goose black friday sale and alcohol and because life in the canada goose store bush communities can be bleak.

Though liquor is banned in the camps and all public places, the rules are in constant, visible breach.

Police station themselves outside some takeaway outlets in Alice Springs, to monitor sales. Picture: Gary Ramage/News Corp Australia

John Boffa, a veteran Central Australian doctor who drives the People Alcohol Action Coalition, wants a total lockdown, with police stationed full time at takeaway outlets refusing alcohol sales to all but those who can provide proof of a permanent local residential address.

Statistics show that when takeaway sales are totally controlled, violence drops. But it doesn address Central Australia estimated 4000 problem drinkers, who are chronically dependent and remain free to drink in the town bars.

Boffa is reluctant to criticise the Aboriginal constituency, but some statistics cannot be avoided. “The Territory has the highest rate of substantiated child neglect in Australia, and the lowest rate of children in out of home care,” he says.

This means that children who live in at risk situations often remain there. Such was the case in Tennant Creek, where Territory Families, the welfare department, received 21 notifications over two years about disruptive behaviour at a notorious address on the town eastside.

It was decided there was no basis for intervention because the notifications did canada goose outlet not directly relate to the small children in the house.

Children from the town camps and local homes visit the Gap Youth Centre in Alice Springs, where they can play on computers and shoot basketball. It is an attempt to get them off the streets. Picture: Gary Ramage/News Corp Australia

Then, in February, it is alleged a two year old girl was raped at the house by a Canada Goose Jackets 24 year old relative.

She would be left with gonorrhoea and require a blood transfusion due to injuries to her genital area.

It was subsequently learned there had been numerous notifications relating to canada goose uk outlet the girl older siblings, and the parents violent behaviour, stretching back years. The department inaction appears to imply a view that indigenous children have a higher threshold for living with sustained violence than non indigenous children.

Underpinning such attitudes is the overarching welfare policy, mirrored in all states, which holds that if an indigenous child must be removed, the child should canada goose jacket outlet be placed (in descending order) with family and kin; with Aboriginal carers in the community; with carers in another Aboriginal community; and with non indigenous carers as a last resort.

The ultimate aim is to reunify the child with its family. NT Children Commissioner, Colleen Gwynne, says it nice in theory, but there a shortage of indigenous carers who can satisfy requirements of providing a safe environment.

Children at canada goose outlet Nturiya, a community outside of Ti canada goose uk shop Tree, north of Alice Springs. There is no suggestion these children are canada goose black friday sale abused. Picture: Gary Ramage/News Corp Australia

“Child safety is paramount, so if you not satisfied the child will be safe or thrive, you have to find the next best option,” she says.

Simplistic media generated propositions, such as wholesale adopting neglected Aboriginal kids to white families, have no genuine support anywhere. “I don believe there this push to have a whole heap of Aboriginal kids with white families, that rubbish,” says Gwynne.

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