Shardul Thakur has come up nicely and done well in South

“Since we have a long season ahead, we have to be ready for any injury or fitness issues. Shardul Thakur has come up nicely and done well in South Africa also. Even Shami and Umesh are very much in contention as they will be playing the Deodhar Trophy (for India ‘A’ and ‘B’ respectively),” Arun said during an exclusive interview..

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A bit more digging revealed a nearly complete skull, which the miners turned over to their field doctor. As word about the discovery spread, researchers flocked to the area. They uncovered more remains, including several pieces of jaw bone and a fragment of an arm.

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Earlier that month, civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. Had led two attempts to march to Montgomery but both ended when the marchers encountered tear gas and billy club attacks by Alabama police. On March 18, Wallace, who epitomized southern opposition to integration, phoned Johnson for advice after learning King had planned a third march for March 21.

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