If anybody came to you and said: ‘I can cut your bill by 40pc

dismay at delays on copycat offer

cheap canada goose uk But that could boost the regions as the company will canada goose outlet england look at locating future manufacturing jobs outside the capital. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose uk shop “On that corridor between Galway and Dublin there’s plenty of places that you would canada goose outlet in canada be able to put manufacturing, and people would be able to canada goose outlet uk travel out rather than in and that’s what we will look at doing,” says Owen canada goose outlet germany McKeon, Mylan’s country manager for Ireland. canada goose uk shop

The company employs more than 1,400 people in this country, including in a large factory in the Galway Gaeltacht. That’s in line with the Government’s aim to boost regional jobs. Drug manufacturing plants are ideal because they are more self contained than, say, a services business which might want to be in Dublin to network with potential clients.

There are advantages for Mylan in being in Galway too, because it means the company is close to NUIG, with which it’s in partnership

canada goose black friday sale “You get very smart intelligent people coming out of there. people want to work in the West and stay in the West, that’s an ideal position,” McKeon says, adding that the business works with the IDA to try and meet the State FDI agency’s goals. canada goose black friday sale

Mylan has facilities in canada goose outlet uk sale the greater Dublin area too, at Damastown just over the Meath border, and also in Baldoyle. That means that it has plenty of experience with the housing crisis, the “huge problem” McKeon describes.

Mylan is best known for making generic versions of drugs with expired patents.

One of the big business opportunities it sees in Ireland in ‘biosimilars’.

These are copies of canada goose jacket outlet store so called ‘biologics’, complex medicines that differ from an everyday drug in that they cannot be simply manufactured in a lab, but rather are made from living entities like plant cells or animal cells.

One biologic that’s just come off patent is Humira used to treat a number of diseases including psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and arthritis.

Mylan has the ability to produce that as a biosimilar along with at least four competitors.

canada goose factory sale McKeon says legislation is needed to increase the uptake for biosimilars, which in turn canada goose outlet near me should reduce costs (as well as boost Mylan’s bottom line). But he’s grown exasperated with a Government decision making process that he thinks is too slow. canada goose factory sale

“We’re giving them an opportunity to cut down on their canada goose outlet location bills. If anybody came to you and said: ‘I can cut your bill by 40pc 50pc’, and you said: ‘Hold on, I’ll go away and spend 18 months consulting and I’ll come back to talk to you then’, you’d be classed as mad,” he says.

“But that’s where we are the moment.”

Canada Goose Online McKeon says the Department of Health is to blame. They’ve been working on a ‘National Biosimilar Medicine Policy’ since at least last summer. Canada Goose Online

canada goose cg-jacketsale.ca uk outlet An article on the Department’s website dated August 10, 2017 says the policy would “promote the rational use of biosimilar medicines and to create a sustainable environment for biological medicines in Ireland”, adding that biosimilars “are typically less expensive to produce than the reference medicine, due to lower research and development costs”. canada goose uk outlet

“As a result of the lower costs and competition for market share, they are generally priced at a significant discount to the reference medicine.”

Fifteen months on, the policy is still not finalised, with the Department telling the Irish Independent that canada goose outlet store uk it is considering the responses to a consultation on the strategy, as well as “other possible policy levers”.

It said, however, that the HSE is running a separate biosimilar strategy in its acute hospitals drugs management programme, and that this is “making considerable progress using a collaborative approach led by hospital pharmacists”.

buy canada goose jacket It did not give a specific answer when asked when legislation will be introduced. buy canada goose jacket

Another source of frustration for McKeon is Brussels, where manufacturing rules are depriving Europe and Ireland of jobs, he says.

As of now, generics manufacturers cannot start making a drug in the EU until a drug has come off patent.

That, McKeon says, has had the effect of benefiting other countries, where the drug can be manufactured and stockpiled before the patent expires, and then sent out to market as soon as the time comes.

canada goose coats “Everybody outside the EU can start manufacturing when they feel like it, and on the day when the patent goes off all the product can come in. canada goose coats

“We’re actually shooting ourselves in the foot with this and that’s one thing that we push really hard on, saying they need to get rid of that.

buy canada goose jacket cheap “We’re not going to start selling before the patent goes off but we just want to have the ability to [be ready to go on day one],” McKeon says, adding that some of that new manufacturing canada goose outlet could come to Ireland. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Mylan likes being here, he says. It likes the education system, the access to markets, and even simple things like the location between the US and Asia which means the time zone is convenient for dealing with various parts of the world.

He reports into Mylan’s regional division, which covers Europe a rapidly expanding part of the company which has seen turnover go from $1bn to $4bn since purchasing Meda. That’s meant much more focus from head office in the United States.

Despite President Donald Trump’s drive to bring US jobs and profits home, Mylan’s plan for Europe and Ireland hasn’t been affected, McKeon says.

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