I guess there are some benefits to ignorance

They are becoming popular simply because they’re Eco friendly. Wooden made toys are incredibly long lasting and may last for many years if appropriately handled. They are among the simplest but most overlooked solutions of fun for children in our contemporary world.

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The recession brought real estate and finance companies. COVID 19 could bring innovation to the ways we work from home, get deliveries, prevent the spread of germs and innovate online education.Yanina Rosario works with the Florida Small Business Development Center at USF and says it’s all about disrupting the status quo.”Saying that is how we used to do it prior to COVID 19, so what can we do and how can we do it post COVID 19?”All three schools are launching new programs or beefing up existing ones to help bring those great ideas into reality.”It’s a challenging time, but I think there’s a lot of hope,” Panuthos said.FULL COVERAGE: The Rebound Tampa BayThe University of Tampa will be accepting applications this summer for a new business incubator program where they’ll work with startups for a full year. You can learn more by clicking here.USF is offering free counseling through its Florida Small Business Development Center by helping to develop business plans and other necessities.

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