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It’s brilliant. They got the funding and the scientists were there to rock and roll.”The Americans and Chinese are amongst the leaders but British vaccine leaders are at the forefront. One scientist I spoke to this week was confident at least one vaccine will be available this year.”Scientists at the centre also trialled the Roche antibody tests, which they judged to be 100% accurate.That is now being rolled out across the country and is seen as key to getting the nation back to work.

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I do not and will not break the law.’ Sessions said in a statement earlier this month. Attorney general in 2017 and was fired by Trump in November 2018.Tuberville’s tweet earlier in the week was very similar to the president’s own message on FridayTuberville and Sessions are running against one another in a July 14 Republican primary and will go on to faceincumbent Democratic Alabama Senator Doug Jones in November’s election.Sessions resignation came on November 7, 2018 a day after the national mid term elections, at Trump’s request.Trump had already formally endorsed Tuberville in March tweeting: ‘Tommy will protect your Second Amendment, (which is under siege), is strong on Crime and the Border, and truly LOVES our Military and our Vets.’Tuberville’s tweet was eerily similar to the president’s after sending his own message earlier this week. When faced with supporting POTUS or running scared, Jeff Sessions chose the easy way out and recused himself.

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