God bless you in the name of Jesus, Amen!

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Cheap Jerseys china CLEVELAND, Ohio For the folks on East Ridgewood Drive on the eastern edge of Parma outside Cleveland, their local representative in Congress, Marcy Kaptur, lives five counties away on the west side of Toledo.The fastest route a 116 mile, two hour drive mostly on the Ohio Turnpike means leaving Kaptur 9th district and driving through areas represented by congressmen Jim Renacci (16th), Bob Gibbs (7th), Jim Jordan (4th) and Bob Latta (5th) before returning to Kaptur district for the final leg of the trip.How representative is that?Welcome to gerrymandering the act of politicians drawing congressional district lines to benefit themselves or their parties rather than the citizens of a state.Gerrymandering not only shapes districts in odd ways, dividing communities and ignoring local concerns, it severely limits the odds of a dissatisfied electorate from flipping control of https://www.wholesalejerseystops.com Congress from one party to the other at election time.Congress is not held as accountable as it could be.It doesn’t have to be this way.The idea is to find a system that puts ordinary people first not the elected officials and lobbyists and to advocate for the best ideas to be incorporated in Ohio.A petition drive is under way that could lead to a public vote next year on making changes to Ohio’s map drawing process. But we will also examine whether what advocates propose as an amendment to the Ohio Constitution goes far enough.This is the first installment in the series. Scroll below for a background on what is wrong with the current system Cheap Jerseys china.

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