From the first xylophone notes

Last September, the Minister for Agriculture, Joe Ludwig, asked Dr. O’Connell to send a written report regarding the allegations including an explanation regarding issues on irregular tendering and internal fraud. Since the news of fraud within the department broke out, different news agencies in Australia have been quite vigilant in uncovering the truth.

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Gronk run Gronk catch ball. No playbook needed. Hehe.”. “You heard of such things in Germany. You had heard creditable witnesses describe such scenes. But now you were actually confronted with the horror of mass murder, you stared at the bodies and almost doubted your own eyes.”.

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Huizar hasn’t been named by prosecutors, but the details in the court filings make clear he is at the heart of the federal City Hall investigation. His home and office were raided by the FBI in November 2018. Huizar hasn’t been charged, but on Thursday, Council President Nury Martinez moved to suspend him from the council, which would block him from attending meetings or voting on city matters..

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