Experts say that while this move will provide greater

However, subscribers will still be able to change their pension fund manager only once.Experts say that while this move will provide greater flexibility, subscribers need to use it judiciously.NPS allows two approaches for investing the subscriber’s money. One is the active choice option.Here, the subscriber can decide which of the four asset classes s/he wants to invest in: Equities, corporate bonds, government securities and alternative investments.S/he can also choose the allocation of her/his funds to each of these asset classes, provided s/he adheres to the cap of 50 per cent in equities and 5 per cent in alternative investments.The other option is called auto choice life cycle fund. Here, the allocation to different types of funds changes automatically based on the subscriber’s age.Three life cycle funds are available:LC75 or aggressive life cycle fund where the equity allocation is 75 per cent till age 35 and then reduces gradually;LC50 or moderate life cycle fund where the equity allocation is 50 per cent till 35 and then falls;and LC 25 or conservative life cycle fund, where the equity exposure is 25 per cent till 35 and then declines.Being able to change one’s asset allocation twice in a year could be especially useful in extreme market conditions.”A savvy investor can use the opportunity to move from an overvalued asset class to one that is relatively cheaper,” says Anil Rego, chief executive officer and founder, Right Horizons.Experts, however, warn that investors should use the greater flexibility that has been provided in a judicious manner.”Look closely at your portfolio to see whether you need to act.

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