Everyone has had a crappy boss at some point

How many times have you done a load of wash and wished you could add in just a little more? Or thrown in the kids’ sports uniforms and felt guilty about doing a whole load of wash for two or three pieces of clothing? LG’s new Twin Wash System is a mini washing machine that lets you do a separate load of laundry at the same time. This is awesome for when you’re running a load of dark wash, but also want to put in a smaller load of delicates or baby clothes. The best part is you can run them both at once, saving precious time and energy.

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Tip: Time your entrance. It’s a good idea to preplan your route to the interview and be aware of any potential traffic, construction, or mass transit delays. Everyone has had a crappy boss at some point, and while we love to hear stories about them, it’s a big mistake to regale your future employer with tales of celine outlet online authentic temper tantrums, personal grudges, and the questionable tasks you routinely needed to perform.

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