Each candidate needs 10 nominations to stand in these elections

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It entirely possible humanity stands on the precipice of a discovery that makes interstellar travel economical, maybe even trivial (reactionless massless drives, harvesting zero point energy, wormhole formation that only requires small quantities of exotic matter, bent space travel, nonlocal causality resolution, ect.) With that in mind, it also possible that there are species out there willing, able, eager, or wholly unknowingly capable of killing us off. Being ignorant of the possibilities doesn stop them from existing. If you have a concrete reason why it was I haven seen it..

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One would have thought that dual Obama presidencies replica bags from china would have signaled a shift away from some of the uglier aspects of American history. Then again, American voters have exhibited a propensity to vacillate between Left and Right, Liberalism and Conservatism, and isolationism versus interventionism. We need look no further than the transition from George W.

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