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When we pick, we aim to pick a lot. Strawberry season is so short, so you have to take advantage while you can. Some berries will be plucked from the box and popped into our mouths a sweet snack. In the middle of a barren land in Chennimalai, the Five P Ventures centre stands out with its modern, well lit and spacious building. It houses close to 30 looms where weavers bring life to high end fabric including denim, linen and ahimsa silk. These fabrics are supplied to designers across the globe including Australia, Europe and New Zealand.

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You can get a starter kit that has all the stuff you need to take advantage of all the great features of the 3DS and the items that come in the starter kit are the color of the 3DS. They have speakers called play it loud to amplify the sound of the game, audio splitter so two people can hear what’s going on and the people around you, like parents, don’t have to when they don’t want to. There are headphones to plug into the splitter.

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