But with the verdict last week

Why then does Pakistan consider its own citizens disloyal and deny them the same rights in their mother country?Experts and jurists agree that dual citizenship represents a kind of freedom of association, a form of voluntary affiliation to be protected, not condemned. Stephen Castles in Boundaries: Migration, Ethnicity, and Citizenship states that citizenship on a singular and individual membership in a nation state is no longer adequate, since the nation state model itself is being severely eroded. Instead, new approaches to citizenship are needed, which take account of collective identities and the fact that many peoples now belong to more than one society.

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The use of innocents and children as human shields is a new trend in this movement. After the killings of top Maoist leaders Azad and Kishenji in encounters, the top Maoist leadership was shaken and hence the new strategy to guard their leaders. They would not mind putting 10 children and an equal number of innocents on the line in a bid to protect their leader, and this is exactly what happened in the latest encounter as well, he added..

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