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After making my Kansas City Royals Nike Air Force Ones last summer I thought it was time to make myself something for their Truman Sports Complex neighbors, The Kansas City Chiefs. After a couple down years the Chiefs first 3 games of the 2010 NFL season have been refreshing with 3 wins and steady improvement. Looks like Arrowhead will be the place to be again on Sundays this fall in KC..

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wholesale jerseys from china To be clear, it was not simply that it was men who ran both the church and community and therefor there were not any women to participate in these meetings by tradition, in fact, they were prohibited, not only from participating in meetings and decision making, but even speaking their minds. Anne Hutchinson became a prime example of the early colonist’s attitudes towards women when she was cast out of her village in 1637 for simply questioning church practice and teaching (Independence Hall Association, 2008). In, the 1600’s women were seen as requiring the care and oversight of men but also supporting men, not as independent beings capable of intellectual thought and caring for themselves, in fact, that kind of thing could result in punishments far worse than that which was suffered by Anne wholesale jerseys from china.

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