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Good trucking jobs are available. However, in order to get the best job you must have the proper credentials. This means you need to be well trained and qualified to be a truck driver. However, even in August, more than half (52%) of the country was already following the story somewhat or very closely. By September, over six in ten in a Kaiser Family Foundation poll were following the story fairly or very closely. A significant minority also saw an outbreak in the United States as at least somewhat likely.

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The price of methi was stable at Rs 14 to Rs15 per kg, but sold at Rs 20 per kg. Lemon, Chinese, rate was reduced by Rs10 per kg and fixed at Rs33 to Rs35 per kg, but sold at Rs60 per kg. Zucchini, local, rate was fixed at Rs48 to Rs50 per kg, but was not sold there.

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