Lack of accountability is why North West

This was revealed by Auditor General Kimi Makwetu during a media briefing at the Government Communication and Information System offices in Pretoria this morning.

He also told reporters that President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the amended Auditor General Act on Sunday. This act will give his office powers to issue a certificate of debt against accounting officers who had failed to give justifiable reasons for canada goose outlet belgium irregular expenditure and material findings during audits.

Canada Goose Outlet The act could also contain regulations that would possibly refer such matters for prosecution. Canada Goose Outlet

The regulations are currently being ironed out and a decision is still to be taken on when they would come into effect.

buy canada goose jacket cheap The amendment of the Auditor General Act followed allegations of intimidation suffered by Makwetu staffers on the ground, contestation of audit outcomes by some departments and entities, and lack of consequences against those responsible canada goose jacket outlet toronto for irregular expenditure in government institutions. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Makwetu said lack of accountability and commitment towards clean administration were factors that influenced the poor showing of North West and Free State.

provinces were in a very bad state their financial health was the worst of all the provinces, no auditees, except one canada goose outlet online reviews in North West, could comply with legislation, and the inability to reliably report on the performance of auditees and key provincial projects was common. Delays in the completion of projects, poor quality work and payments without evidence of delivery (especially in the Free State) resulted in poor service delivery and allegations of fraud.

canada goose uk outlet spite of the commitments made to us in the past, it has become clear that the political and administrative leadership is disregarding our messages and recommendations, choosing rather to canada goose outlet contest the audit conclusions instead of addressing the weak control environment at almost all of the auditees in the North canada goose outlet hong kong West, Makwetu said. canada goose uk outlet

Also in the Free State, he said, instead of addressing the root causes of poor audit outcomes were changed to continue circumventing key internal controls it was common in both these provinces canada goose outlet in vancouver that the oversight structures were not proactive, which hindered the effecting of consequences as members of the executive canada goose outlet usa council were not held to account, he said.

canada goose coats on sale Makwetu said the Western Cape and Gauteng continued to produce the best results, receiving 83% and 52% clean audits respectively. canada goose coats on sale

He said it was canada goose outlet store uk regrettable that the improvement in audit outcomes in the Eastern Cape over the past few years could not be sustained.

The audit outcomes for the province regressed in 2017 18 because a result of the slow pace of addressing the root causes of the findings raised by his office yearly, the Auditor General report said.

cheap Canada Goose Similarly, the improvement trend in Limpopo did not continue, with more auditees regressing than improving in the year under review. cheap Canada Goose

Makwetu recognised Mpumalanga as the only province where the audit outcomes improved.

The report said in contrast, the outcomes in the Northern Cape and KwaZulu Natal were erratic over the past four years and improvements in the one year were offset by regressions in the following year.

canadian goose jacket Makwetu cited a lack of urgency from the leadership in responding to the root causes of the audit outcomes in these provinces. canadian goose jacket

The Auditor General report said at national level there was a regression in outcomes with the number of clean audits decreasing to 23% of the total population and irregular expenditure continued to remain high at R51 billion.

canada goose clearance The Independent Development Trust received a disclaimer for the third year in a row and the SA Broadcasting Corporation regressed from an adverse canada goose outlet toronto location opinion to a disclaimer, the report said. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose sale Only the Development Bank of Southern Africa, which was audited by the Auditor General office for the first time, obtained a clean audit opinion. Canada Goose sale

The report said as in the previous year, a significant number of state owned entities audits had not been completed by the September 30 cut off date.

This was, according to the Auditor General, due to financial statements and audits that were delayed because of the auditees to demonstrate that they were going concerns report said this applied to the SA Airways Group, the Denzel Group and SA Express canada goose outlet factory (where the last financial statements and audit report published were for the 2015 16 financial year, and the 2016 17 audit was finalised only recently).

The Auditor General said there had been a slight improvement in the financial health of state owned entities but the SABC, the Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation and the SA Post Office disclosed that there was significant doubt about whether they could continue with their operations in future without financial assistance.

that most of the state owned entities where audits had not yet been completed are facing going concern challenges, the financial outlook for most state owned entitiess is bleak, the Auditor General said.

canada goose store The Auditor General report said there were weaknesses in the performance reporting processes and an increase in non compliance at 16 state owned entitiess audited by Auditor General office canada goose store.

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