We are happy to take these alliance talks forward

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cheap jerseys nba But German Tennis Federation vice president Dirk Hordorff has told Sky Sports that Wimbledon will have no other option than to call the 2020 Wimbledon Championships off.It was World War II the last time the tournament was not held, with 1915 to 1918 and 1940 to 1945, the only years the tournament was not held.So scenes of Novak Djokovic lifting the Wimbledon trophy after last years epic five setter with Roger Federer will have to suffice for tennis fans.”Wimbledon has stated that they will have a board meeting next Wednesday and will make the final decision there,” Hordorff said.”I am also involved in the bodies of the ATP and WTA. The necessary decisions have already been made there and Wimbledon will decide to cancel next Wednesday. There is no doubt about it. cheap jerseys nba

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