These erotic trysts might seem over the top

Green Bay has an unfortunate Week 5 bye, but the Vikings get a slightly more advantageous bye in Week 7. Minnesota also finishes the season with two games which should be easy wins: the Bears (Week 15) and the Lions (Week 17). The Vikings also get a shot at the Saints in Week 16.

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Bryant was in the news less than 24 hours before his sudden death. Current Laker LeBron James overtook him as the NBA third all time leading scorer during a road game in Philadelphia. Once famously competitive, Bryant had grown comfortable in the elder statesman role, and his last tweet congratulated James on the achievement..

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“The Sheriff’s Office feels a more productive model to accomplish this is to hire a truly neutral, independent, and unbiased auditor for a specific, limited period of time. If there is no expectation of employment beyond a specific period of time, there is no pressure or inherent need to justify IOLERO. This would greatly reduce the chances of either intentional or unintentional bias developing in the auditor.

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