The title for the track, if you hadn’t worked it

Absentee ballots are protected by state laws and rules that determine how they must be handled. Ballots are placed inside envelopes that must be signed and sealed by the voter. Steps are taken to ensure mailed ballots are as private as those cast inside a polling place.

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St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated by Americans in 1737, organized by the Charitable Irish Society of Boston, including a feast and religious activities. This first celebration of the holiday was largely announced to honor and celebrate the Irish culture.

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As a nation, we have been in some form of lockdown for two months. We have flattened the curve, and new cases are decreasing. Although loss of life from this disease has been staggering, we did not run out of ventilators, and patients have not been turned away from hospitals for lack of resources and personnel to care for them.

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