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GegaMan comments on Cloud9 vs

Games 1 and 2, C9 embraced their inner bonobo and inted and lost hard. Game canada goose outlet in montreal 3, TSM got cocky and threw a game away. Game 4, TSM played a protect the ADC comp with a lucian, no backup damage dealer, and no early canada goose outlet official game champs. In all of canada goose outlet mississauga those games, it really wouldn have made a difference is Syndra was replaced with a suitable replacement canada goose outlet online uk like Victor.Game 5, Ekko was more than relevant that entire canada goose outlet jackets game. Up until he overextended in the last fight and got blew up by the entire TSM team (See Hauntzer Ult, Bjerg combo, Turtle focus) He was crushing that game, having a much higher impact than Bjerg had on Syndra.Sure Syndra is a strong champion. She has good damage, strong CC/pick potential and a dominant laning phase. She also has her weaknesses, like her immobility, no real tank shredding capabilities short of canada Canada Goose Outlet goose outlet orlando brute forcing through it canada goose outlet real and allergy to exhaust.I agree in this series it seemed like a champion of huge influence, but that entirely dependent on the teams playing and the players playing a champion. For canada goose outlet toronto address example, Kog was a massively important pick/ban champion in the 3rd/4th game match yesterday, but was neither picked nor banned by either team in any of the 5 games of this series.Ekko, Fizz, etcetra, are problems because they neuter her sole laning power to uselessness, necessitating canada goose outlet factory a jungler/other support to canada goose outlet 80 off offset that. If she receives the support to get around that, canada goose outlet seattle then she be fine much like any other mid laner who receives extra support.Team fighting is different, since you have canada goose womens outlet to deal with untargetable canada goose outlet store montreal dodges, high damage diving, etcetra, but you just relegate that to your team peeling for you. Yeah, they can canada goose outlet vancouver run down Syndra with their multitude of tools, canada goose outlet miami if she was operating by herself. It on the Syndra to not chunk buy canada goose uk her canada goose outlet online own ult like an idiot, and just focus on area control/CC stunning. She is a control/burst mage, she doesn have to ult literally all the time.She has the tools canada goose outlet woodbury to get around her problems, canada goose outlet toronto location and often demands teams dedicating resources to helping her. This is particularly note worthy in this series (Jensen vs Bjerg) because both are mid lane centric teams (at least in this series). Fragile heavy hitter getting propped up to get around her extreme problems is pretty much her ideal place to canada goose outlet winnipeg address be.c9 has 2 tps, what does that canada goose outlet in usa mean? it means c9 wants to play a 1 3 1. one tp on top lane, 3 in the middle, 1 on bottom, thats the theory behind the strategy they want to execute. they have a fed ekko, great requirement, kled not so fed but he can still pressure his lane.thats c9s win condition, ekko so fed, tsm would need 2 or more people to kill him because hes strong enough to take on whoever tsm choses to defend the tower, when 2 or more try to kill that ekko, c9 tries to push for the tower in the mid lane or rotate into the tower of the other split pusher or perhaps grab another objective like a baron or thats the theory of c9s basic win condition. ekko and kled are not good teamfighters, they excel in skirmishes and split pushing but not straight canada goose outlet shop on team fights. now why this game 5 was so bizarre is that tsms win condition is a 1 4 and not a full on teamfight composition, instead of picking the open nautilus, perhaps losing the split push but winning the teamfight, they chose to pick camille and chose to clash with c9s gameplan straight on, in THEORY having the game decided on top lane on which carry, kled or camille can get canada goose jacket outlet store ahead and win their lane and snowball it by having the kill pressure on the other top laner and therefore winning the split push the problem canada goose outlet in new york with all of this is, neither team did any of the things i just mentioned, fight canada goose outlet kokemuksia after fight after fight. i guarantee you, if one team wouldve picked nautilus in this game 5 who was open btw wouldve 100% won the game much easier because he has a much much higher teamfight presence than kled and camille.neither team played to their winning conditions basically throwing a coin on who wins the game.have a look at game 3 of fnatic vs g2 where perkz with ekko plays against caps syndra, in that game he shows you why ekko is such a great counter to syndra and how to play the match up correctly and snowball the game from there.

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