Spencer calls him a murderer

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Black Panther teaser trailer dropped on a Friday (June 9, 2017) during Game 4 of the NBA Finals (on ABC) [then a full trailer was released online on a Monday (Oct. 16, 2017)]

Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped on a Wednesday (Nov. 29. 2017) on Good Morning America (on ABC)

Canada Goose Outlet Ant Man and the Wasp trailer dropped on a Tuesday (Jan. 30th, 2018) on Good Morning America (on ABC) Canada Goose Outlet

Captain Marvel trailer dropped on a Tuesday (Sept. 18, 2018) on Good Morning America (on ABC)

canada goose Only one of the Marvel films had a teaser drop on an unusual day (Black Panther on Friday and then the full trailer on a Monday). They are always released on ABC network. canada goose

Given Avengers 4 follows the same narrative canada goose outlet 2015 path as CA:CW canada goose outlet belgium and A:IW (for the most part), I think the trailer will drop on a Wednesday and most likely on Good Morning America (like the last three trailers have done). are often canada goose outlet vancouver distracted with preparations/travel/etc. so I think the week after Thanksgiving is the time they strike. This makes 11/28 the most likely date for the trailer IMHO. 11/26 11/27 being relegated to minor reveals leading up to the trailer (think teaser poster and possibly the title). 12 points submitted 13 days ago

Canada Goose Jackets I assume the Iron Spider gets trashed somehow at the beginning of SM:FFH or the end of A4. As for why he doesn get it repaired/a new one, there a several possibilities: 1) Tony isn around to fix it anymore (dead/retired/whatever), 2) Peter makes the decision he doesn want a new Stark suit (opting for something else), 3) Peter never tells Tony the suit is canada goose outlet us trashed in the same way a kid doesn tell their parents they wrecked the expensive new car they just got. 1 point submitted 14 days ago Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose sale What do you mean was dropped? The Accords hardly came up at all in AIW (only mentioned with Rhodey segment at the Compound), and definitely had nothing to do with Tony story. The canada goose outlet Accords say nothing about seeking UN permission from acting on one own soil. canada goose outlet reviews It only applies to superheroes acting abroad. Tony had every right to protect NYC from aliens. Canada Goose sale

canada goose uk black friday As for CW giving other reasons, the movie only has so much time half was split with Tony, half was split with Steve. It couldn dive into Tony whole psychology and belief system, but Tony has always been characterized canada goose outlet authentic as a guy who thinks. Mrs. Spencer confronting him was meant to lampshade his guilt to the audience, but it was clearly guilt Tony was already feeling. He says as much right before Mrs. Spencer calls him a murderer. canada goose uk black friday

canada goose uk shop And, like I said before, since I am someone who agreed with the Accords (for the most part), I sympathized with Tony. His support of the Accords seemed like a totally natural progression of his character, just as Steve distrust of the Accords fit in line with his narrative journey. 8 points submitted 19 days ago canada goose uk shop

So, I use to run https://www.canadagooseofficials.ca a Twitter account some years ago about a certain famous company and I had +10k followers. Might not seem like much but believe me it was I was even invited to private stuff, had contact with inside people and the like. So you think I had inside info, right? Nah, nope. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And I wouldn ask either, so whenever they said something to me (nothing big of course) I would never tell a soul. That why I still canada goose outlet toronto location had contact with them until the very last day: They trusted me.

Canada Goose online Now, what this guy does here? That clickbait. I seen so many guys like him who say nothing or simply leave it vague trying to imply they know something these are the ones who never know anything. Because if they did 1) they tell someone, they lose trust. They leave it vague, they lose trust. They don say anything, they keep that trust. Now, that may not win you followers or give you attention, but it allows you to stay in contact with a big company like Marvel. Canada Goose online

canada goose black friday sale So yeah, all of this to tell you that, in my experience, canada goose outlet germany people who talk like this guy and are so willing to make everyone believe they canada goose outlet las vegas know everything, they don usually know shit. I could, of course, be wrong here because I don know him or anyone at Marvel or anything about the film industry, but that just my 2 cents. 39 points submitted 21 days ago canada goose black friday sale

They also said the closest title was “Forever” and Annihilation doesn sound anything like forever or even signify anything regarding forever. (Unless the thought is that Annihilation would be forever? Like it would be permanent?)

canada goose coats More than that, I just think it would be bad for marketing. All but one previous Marvel film (Civil War) can be searched for online by their subtitle alone (ex: The First Avenger, Age of Ultron, Winter Soldier, The Dark World, Ragnarok, Infinity War, etc.). All of those will immediately bring up their respective films. But then “Annihilation” brings up the Natalie Portman film from earlier this year canada goose coats.

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