She seemed to uk canada goose outlet return to normal for four

Why Singer Amata Thinks Milbemax Killed Her Dog

How Safe are Drug Treatments and Medications?We are all expected to trust the drugs given out by vets just as we do with those prescribed by doctors but what happens when things go tragically wrong? How safe are these treatments? All medications have side effects and some of these can be very serious, very serious indeed!

Joanna Papaj, who is also known by stage name of Amata, witnessed the terrible suffering Canada Goose Coats On Sale her little dog endured after Canada Goose sale being given Milbemax wormer, canada goose store a drug manufactured by Novartis. Eventually her dear animal friend had to be put to sleep after all treatments to reverse the damage done to her little body had failed. This is the harrowing story of what happened:

Amata Explains What Happened to “I gave her Milbemax in the middle of May. Just after a few hours one of her legs started to shake. The next day her neck became stiff and she had this horrible face canada goose outlet toronto factory that was saying “I’m suffering, help me”. The next day she started to limp.

We went back to the same vet and canada goose clearance I said that canada goose outlet store uk something’s going on after Milbemax and she said ‘Surely it’s not after that drug, it’s safe!’

She gave me painkillers because she assumed had a leg/spine injury and she can’t walk because it hurts. I am so sure that this lady had an agreement with Novartis to sell Milbemax to her patients.

We gave Ibuprofen, but after 3 4 hours she couldn’t walk at all and was shaking. We went to this big vet’s clinic and the doctor there said that she never gives this drug to any canada goose outlet parka animals, and that she had a case when a dog died just a few months ago after receiving this.

She couldn’t give steroids, because we gave her Ibuprofen just a day before, so we had to wait until the next day and during this time, Milbemax was wreaking canada goose black friday sale havoc in ‘s body.

The steroids helped after a few days. It looked like she was going to be fine. We wanted to stop giving her steroids, because they can be harmful in a long run. When we lessened the dose, everything came back.

This is too much to describe, but there were about 5 6 such tries and each time she was getting worse. was getting weaker and weaker. Although she was only 5 years old, her whiskers started to go white. She lost 2 teeth. One day canada goose jacket outlet she stopped walking and never got up again. She was paralysed from her waist down.

We started rehabilitation which last for about 3 weeks. Then, her bladder got paralysed, so we had to sqeeze her little belly to make her pee. It was very official canada goose outlet painful. She stopped even sitting. Then, just in a week, all her muscles just disappeared. Her fur went dull. Her eyes started to get misty. We got drops that were supposed to rebuild the cornea, but they didn’t help.

On 1st September, she was so weak she wasn’t able to raise her head. Then she started to whine and howl and her right eye wouldn’t even open. there was no chance she was going to make it. We couldn’t let her suffer longer and decided to put her to sleep.”

Polyneuropathy DefinedThe condition of polyneuropathy is described in the following way: “A neuropathy refers to a physical and/or functional change to nerves that carry information to and from the brain and spinal cord.

“Weakness, paralysis, loss of muscle mass (atrophy), reduced muscle tone, poor reflexes, sensitivity to pain/touch or loss of sensation, self mutilation, altered gait and loss of canada goose outlet new york city recognition as to limb position” are all symptoms of polyneuropathy according to the site, as well as bowel and bladder problems, and little was suffering from all of them!

A Word of WarningAmata told me the following points that she wanted to stress:

“I know the vet that gave the Milbemax had received benefits from doing this. Otherwise, she cheap canada goose should have reacted when I said something was going on.

Every drug might be dangerous and we all know that. When you take a drug, you must know that something might go wrong and you do this acting on your own responsibility. Apart from creating such a dangerous drug, I have two serious objections to Novartis.

There is no information that taking Milbemax can cause death canada goose outlet black friday on the leaflet. Not even in ‘extremely rare cases’ or ‘1 in a billion’. There’s nothing. Not informing patients about all possible side effects is lying. It makes me furious. How evil do you have to be to kill pets in the name of getting money?

The second things is quite horrifying. When was feeling bad, I called Novartis to ask if the treatment we were giving her was right. I didn’t call to tell them ‘You bastards! I hate you for making my dog sick!’ I canada goose outlet store was very polite and only wanted to know how to cure polyneuropathy Milbemax had caused to my dog. I wanted advice. I didn’t finish the second sentence when the lady. hung up on me!

The same happened here in Poland, when ‘s doctor called the Polish Novartis branch in Warsaw. She called them to make sure the treatment she was giving was right. They hung up on her too. They not only shouldn’t do such things but they should have a special, toll free line where patients can get advice if something is going wrong. They create drugs, they know how to treat side effects. And especially when you produce such dangerous drugs, you should have some information line for patients.

Because Novartis concealed the truth about the potential death of an animal and because they canada goose refused to give any advice on what to do, it’s obvious that this was intentionally causing death. And this is pure evil.

Apart from begging everyone to never give Milbemax to their pets, I advise you to ban all Novartis drugs. It they conceal the truth about drugs for animals because they’re greedy and evil, you cannot be sure they don’t do the same with drugs for people.

Nobody in my family will ever take any of their medicines and I will never stop educating people about this evil drug company. They have ruined my life, and taken away what was the most precious for me. the brightest sunshine and a part of my heart.

was my baby, such an energetic, funny and happy little doggie. She was dying for several months and suffered a lot. She didn’t deserve this. Please, don’t let canada goose outlet canadian goose jacket uk sale Novartis ruin your life too!”8 months ago

I was so sorry to hear about Amata’s. I also gave my Cocker Spaniel Milbemax. A couple of months later she developed paralysis of all four limbs. However I believe she was suffering from vaccinosis in general which contributed to this and Milbemax was the “final Straw”. I would like to warn other pet owners about the dangers of over vaccination which I believe led to my beloved pet cheap canada goose developing neurological problems which eventually resulted in her death. She seemed to recover from her paralysis which canada goose uk shop lasted three months but I now realise she was only in remission. She seemed to uk canada goose outlet return to normal for four months and it came back with a vengeance in the very mild form of regurgitation but with body trembling. Vets could not diagnose what was happening which was heartbreaking as canada goose outlet sale I knew there was something serious going on. She passed away one month later from aspirational pneumonia and pancreatitis but her bloods were all clear from this only a couple of weeks previously. I hope this might help other dog owners and to take your dog to the vet even with the slightest regurgitation and any excessive hunger and thirst. It could be neurological and your pet may be having silent aspiration as mine did.

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