Our current amnesia is, I would say, temporary, and shall be

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Obviously, of course, this is a massive, oversimplified generality. I in the “adult” category, and I wouldn be fearful in the least over any type of ET existence announcement.

canada https://www.canadagooseparka.biz goose coats TPTB don announce the existence of ETs on and around this planet because the human population on Earth is effectively a slave population on a prison planet. That the reason. canada goose coats

We live in the absolute dark ages compared to where we would and could be canada goose jacket outlet store if the reality (not “the speculation” of, but the reality) of ET existence on and around Earth were revealed to everyone.

Canada Goose online Keeping the information from us along with all the technology that comes with that information ensures that we remain locked down, sequestered, eviscerated, and made continuously powerless canada goose outlet england here. Canada Goose online

Why? Power. Control. The fiat currency and fossil fuel paradigms keeps us, again, locked down and beholden to these nefarious world powers responsible for it.

there is a very good reason you do not remember past lives, trust me.

Yeah. Memory wiping doesn’t seem that out of the question, actually.

canada goose uk shop After meditating for many hours at a time, I have gone through a very extreme and tumultuous spiritual awakening that was akin to hell. This experience lasted for many years and it took me quite a few more to slowly rebuild my life (which I am a actually still doing, to a degree) In that time, it was like a Pandora box buy canada goose uk opened in me everything came flooding canada goose outlet official out, including memories and energies from past lives (I distinctly had memories and felt energies that were totally non Earth like, so there were actual memories from incarnations on other planets as well). It was not a good experience, in the least. canada goose uk shop

Those experiences wouldn’t be so traumatic if traumatic at all if you would have been given the opportunity to remember your canada goose outlet michigan past lives. Because you weren’t, ultimately remembering those experiences was in fact traumatic. That’s not the fault of the lives or the experiences themselves, however. We all have lived and experienced very traumatic things. It’s a fault of our not being given the opportunity to remember who in fact we really are. If we had that ability, then the remembrance wouldn’t be one which hits us all at once in one life canada goose parka outlet uk and one moment which ultimately debilitates us like it did in your experience. Instead, it would be a gradual understanding of what we’ve simply experienced just like our current memories in this particular incarnation. That remembrance would just extend back through all our previous incarnations instead of just this one life and, as a result, canada goose victoria parka outlet wouldn’t end up being as traumatic because all the memories would be incorporated into the mind of the identity over hundreds/thousands of years instead of one short incarnation being bombarded by a shit ton of unexpected past life traumas in one meditative session as happened to you.

Those are two entirely different dynamics altogether, and one should never therefore conclude that remembering past lives is therefore unrecommended. It’s still absolutely recommended by simple virtue of the fact that the more we remember of who we really are traumatizing or not the better informed we will be about who we really are and how we should proceed from this present moment forward and that absolutely helps us in evolving into better, more developed beings moving forward into the future.

canada goose uk outlet Don’t confuse the trauma for being in the experiences themselves. It’s in our remembering that many lives and traumatic life experiences all at once in a mind that’s not accustomed to doing so otherwise. That’s a different thing altogether. cheap canada goose canada goose uk outlet

you can remember everything, nothing is ever wiped

Canada Goose sale I don’t disagree with this. Our current amnesia is, I would say, temporary, and shall be restored as we evolve more and more. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket Mozart was not born a musical genius by chance, he and those like him have likely taken a great deal of time to evolve such abilities in past lives and have peaked in a particular incarnation. buy canada goose jacket

one could easily call them our jailers and canada goose outlet in usa “enslavers”, but if it is so, is that really the correct depiction of such negative beings purpose? I sure you have read the Hidden Hand interviews and they themselves already paint quite a different picture of what the purpose of such negatively oriented beings may be.

uk canada goose outlet Yes. I am familiar with the Hidden Hand text. I wrote a long assessment of the text here. The beings that may possibly be “enslaving” humanity on Earth may be little more than “tough love” spiritual teachers. uk canada goose outlet

Another good exampleis this Gnostic parable, which depicts Adam and his rebuttal of the snake(our metaphor for the interdimensional negatively orientated beings perhaps)that has accosted him for ages, which in the end reveals itself as something quite different..

canadian goose jacket Yes. Another example with a similar end teaching as what the Hidden Hand texts state. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet even so, the idea of canada goose outlet authentic simply avoiding a light at the end of one life in order to achieve liberation seems very much not true from my intuitive percpetion Canada Goose Outlet.

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