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cheap yeezys We have no idea how Jason Peters’ 36 year old knee will endure during his 15th season; or how Darren Sproles’ 35 year old knee will endure in his 14th;or if middle linebacker Jordan Hicks, the nerve center of the defense, will be dependable after suffering a fourth major injury in six years (not counting a broken hand last offseason). Wentz is young, but he tore his knee up in December; can he be back innine months?Personnel departures aren’tback breaking, but LeGarrette Blount became the leader of the running back corps after Sproles’ injury, Smith was a deep threat on the field and a strong voice in the locker room and tight end Trey Burton was a multi faceted threat including, as we witnessed, a Special touch around the goal line.McAdoo might not have meant it this way, but reloading the roster and the coaching staff of a Super Bowl team is as much a part of dealing with success as staying humble and staying focused.Neither should be a problem. Considering the democratic process by which they are run, the strong personalities in the locker room, and the overall depth of the roster, these Eagles remind you more of the 2013 Seahawks than Cheap jordans those 2010 Packers or the 2011 Giants cheap yeezys.

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