Little did he know that the Liberal Party carried the same

Anthony Albanese is the only man who can save Australia’s soul

THE hard right blaming Malcolm Turnbull for the Liberals losing Wentworth is like the Indonesians blaming drug smugglers for their firing squads losing bullets.This is instinctively obvious to every garden variety playground bully, yet it is a question that political masterminds in both major parties appear never to have asked themselves.Indeed, it is not only self evident but has been repeatedly proven in every single term of government over the past decade.Cynical old Labor warhorses went lilywhite with indignation after the PM they knifed in the night on June 23, 2010 refused to die quietly. And Liberal lords and ladies were no less precious when the PM they tore down in another midnight coup likewise plotted his revenge from the backbench.And now the hardcore conservatives are outraged that the moderate PM they tore down in turn refused to help save their dying cause. This is politics that now transcends ideology. This is the politics of idiocy.Related: The truth about Malcolm Turnbull axing he keeps ignoringRelated: Young Australians are turning their backs on democracyRelated: The battle for ex PM seat takes dirty turnThe fact that Barnaby Joyce is now blaming Malcolm Turnbull for damaging the Coalition reputation only brings an added layer of farce to a political culture that has farce at its very foundations.Every single one canada goose outlet orlando of the last four Australian prime ministers has blood on their hands and the current one, who gallantly threw his body on the grenade that was about to blow up his party, now has too many grenades and not enough bodies.As a result the Coalition will get the punishment it deserves at the next general election, just as Labor got its in 2013. But the man who perhaps played more role than any other in bringing this cancer to Canberra will not be punished. Instead, he will be made the next Prime Minister of Australia. The current crop of Richo wannabes would struggle to deliver a pizza.And chief among them is Bill Shorten, a veteran factional player of the Victorian Right who knifed Kevin Rudd for Julia Gillard and then knifed Julia Gillard for Kevin Rudd.Yet even after his bloody work was done Shorten was reluctant to take the Labor leadership, reasonably presuming that after all the damage he caused the ALP would be in the backwoods for the best part of a generation. Better to let some other patsy do the hard yards in opposition and then knife him too when the time came.Little did he know that the Liberal Party carried the same unstoppable chromosome for self destruction that canada goose outlet uk the Labor Party did. Indeed, it has become depressingly apparent that the Libs are even better at it.Suddenly Shorten poisoned chalice turned into a tall drink of water. He is now all but unbackable to become the most powerful man in the country.And so the treachery and duplicity and idiocy that has seen our most hallowed democratic institutions chew through prime ministers like mincer through cattle will be canada goose outlet toronto factory neither purged nor punished but rewarded with the highest office in the land.Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce has been playing the blame game. Picture: Mick TsikasSource:AAPBut the worst past isn that it is morally repugnant little in modern politics is not. canada goose outlet buffalo The worst part is that for the few remaining Australian species who still pray for a decent Labor government this century, or at least one that will last for a single term without ritual self impalement, this is canada goose outlet online reviews politically insane.Shorten inevitable victory will make Steven Bradbury look like Carl Lewis. Voters will flock to the ALP not because they love it, or even like it, but because the Coalition is now so apocalyptically unstable and delusional that they openly admit to pinning their only hope for survival on the bloke they just garroted with dental canada goose outlet floss.And yet despite every fantastical fk up and mind blowingly moronic misstep including accidentally voting for a neo Nazi slogan the week before a by election in the nation most Jewish electorate Scott Morrison is canada goose outlet store montreal still at least 10 points canada goose outlet in chicago ahead of Bill Shorten as preferred prime minister.Bob Hawke once wryly observed that he was the only man to be made canada goose factory outlet vancouver PM by Graham Richardson and unmade PM by Graham Richardson. Picture: David MoirSource:AAPRicho’s political wiles delivered a record 13 years of Labor government. Picture: Ryan OslandSource:News Corp AustraliaAnd all of this is as Labor continues to slaughter the Coalition in the two party preferred vote, as it has done effortlessly since the Keystone Cops coup.In other words, Labor is all but assured of victory. Its only weakness is the man who leads it.Blind Freddy could read these numbers and know canada goose outlet in toronto what needs to be done, but sadly blind Freddy hands would be tied. Because thanks to a little parting gift from the second Rudd prime ministership it is now all but impossible to roll a Labor leader.

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