It says, whoa, look at us, world, we care so much

A sub concussion doesn require that you hit your head. It simply requires a g force event like skiing quickly over rough terrain that shakes the brain around, building up the scar tissue that we know as CTE. As it reaches out, players in even relatively low g sports like soccer are being found with CTE..

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wholesale jerseys But you know, if you can convince people that they’re “fighting” cancer while sitting on their butts drinking beer and watching men run around a field, maybe even get them to swing by the gift shop to pick up some “pink items including: sweatshirts, T shirts, knit caps, scarves, footballs and lapel pins,” that’s swell. But when a player says he’s “proud to wear pink,” when the modern day gladiator arena is decked out to look like a 7 year old’s birthday party, it’s particularly crass and insulting. It says, whoa, look at us, world, we care so much about cancer, we are so very comfortable in our manliness, we can even wear a traditionally female color! In a football stadium! Congratulate us for subverting the masculine paradigm!. wholesale jerseys

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