Is no evidence he committed a crime

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Consider an analogy from psychology. Daniel Kahneman, in his bestseller “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” argues that the human mind operates in two modes. “System 1” is the spontaneous processor that subconsciously absorbs information and spits out decisions based on instinct and routine.

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canada goose outlet store The family attorney Benjamin Crump says the video does not show Clark making any threats towards police. Is no evidence he committed a crime, there was no warning from the police, there was no identification from the police, he said as quoted by Reuters. Clark family has disputed a police account that Clark was the person who had been breaking windows.. canada goose outlet store

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Catire family suffers along with protesters who skip meals while watching their money become worthless. The lieutenant is unsure whether to blame the government or the opposition for the crisis. What he and other soldiers decide in the coming months could decide the country fate.

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