‘I was sitting there thinking

Another Coldplay dream is to have their gigs largely solar powered. That might sound like wishful thinking, but solar powered stage shows have been a thing for a while. Outside Lands festival brought on board Alternative Power Productions to power their sets in 2012 and, according to APP’s interview with Mother Jones that same year, they didn’t even need to use the back up generators in the end.

Noah was lucky enough to record the album at the well known tourist hot spot, London’s Abbey Road Studios popular for its use by The Beatles and Pink Floyd as well as Metropolis. He describes the buildings as being filled with ‘magic’ and, indeed, on one occasion gave him one of his most proudest musical moments following the death of his father. ‘I was sitting there thinking, ‘I’ve got cheap jerseys to go bury my dad in a few days’, not ready to write or anything’, he admits.

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