Have to open up our economy at some point

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wholesale nfl jerseys “Rushing into an opening, doing too much too soon, could easily have dire consequences, so we are going to give our business community more time to prepare, and we are going to open in phases, Gelber said. Have to open up our economy at some point, but people won come out unless they feel safe, so this is really intended to give you the tools to be successful. Not everyone is on board with the city reopening for business.. wholesale nfl jerseys

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Ryan Zimmerman’s single in the frame one of Washington’s eight hits was the 1,695th hit of his career, passing Tim Wallach for most in franchise history. Zimmerman emerged for a curtain call after coming around to score on Daniel Murphy’s single and was given a standing ovation. A few batters later, Tanner Roark, Washington’s starting pitcher, smacked a two out, three run double to clear the bases.

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