At first, business leaders disdained this view as too narrow

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“A lot of people project their own ideas on to him,” he said. “They feel like whatever their highest dream is, they project on to him and say that he will make this happen. I tend to think that that’s going to create a lot of uneasiness in the people when he ends up being just a regular human.”.

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It may be no coincidence that the shift of income toward shareholders and away from labor followed by only a few years conservative economist Milton Friedman’s declaration of “shareholder value” as the guiding philosophy of corporate management. Friedman took his stance in a New York Times article in 1970. At first, business leaders disdained this view as too narrow..

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In conclusion he said, women men want to marry are usually the ones that don’t work overtime to catch a husband. They are strong, spirited women who stand up for themselves. She does not compromise herself. Against this backdrop, the silence in India on a fundamentally changed scenario is troubling. The silence indeed is this content reminiscent of the way Beijing captured Aksai Chin in the mid 1950s while India was chanting the Hindi Chini bhai bhai mantra. Today, in the absence of an effective strategy against China stealth aggression in the Himalayas and its growing inroads in India maritime backyard, an increasingly defensive New Delhi has sought to make peace with Beijing..

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