And if that tire is on the road side of the car

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New Jersey has confirmed more than 142,700 COVID 19 cases, and the rate of positive test results was at 22% this week, the governor said Thursday. Nearly 10,000 people have died from the disease in the state. But Murphy added that the rate at which the coronavirus is spreading has continued to slow across New Jersey..

Important to have a good breakfast. Thanks for the good article. I think if one keeps on at it you break past the point where the body stops using stored reserves and then one looses again. As the grandparent, you may want to provide some important piece of equipment for the new one. Safety requirements have changed for all of babies’ equipment. Car seats and other hard plastic pieces actually have expiration dates, so it is not possible to keep handing them down to the next baby in line.

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Perhaps you don’t cycle or ever shovel snow. However, if you drive a vehicle, there’s no guaranteeing you’ll never need to change a tire. And if that tire is on the road side of the car, that can put you in serious danger, especially if you are on a curvy interstate.

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